Perception Tests

Take these tests. Write in the comments what, if anything, you learned, and if you agree with the results:

Go to Project Implicit. Go to the Demonstration tests. Sign-up, and take the Race Test. It’s the last one on the list. Do you agree with its conclusions? Why or Why not? What do the results say about how perception affects what we believe? Leave your answers in the comments section of this post.

Follow the instructions in this video and work with a partner.

Lab In The Wild

Test My Brain

Games With Words

Videos Of Allegory of the Cave

Animated Allegory of the Cave

Allegory of the Cave Claymation

Ignorance Is Bliss

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Neo Wakes Up video

Shadows of Life cartoon

TED-Ed Lesson

Here are some modern interpretations of the Allegory:

Allegory of the Cave (Modern Day)

Modern Allegory Of The Cave

Allegory of the Cave – Charmander A52

Allegory of the Cave

What is the probability that you are dreaming right now?

The Reality Of Reality May Not Be Reality

Are we living in a computer simulation cartoon

The Truman Show:

Shadow Puppets

Is the Universe A Simulation?

Is Freedom Just An Illusion? Maybe We Don’t Want To Know


Video (2)




Why Do People Believe What They See?

Please go to the sidebar under the category “Perception.”  Explore the links related to hoaxes, faked photos and propaganda.

Choose one example from three of the links — one from the sites related to faked photos, one from hoaxes, and one from propaganda.  Why do you think people believed each one?

Leave your response in the comments section.