How History Is Shaped By The Ways Of Knowing

In a “Jigsaw” activity, groups read histories of World War Two, the Middle East conflict, and the Mexican American War that were told from different perspectives. They then prepared presentations on how language, emotion, reason, and perception all affected how those histories were told.

Third Week Laptop Activity — History


Go to Newsy and pick a topic. Watch the news reports from various outlets and countries, and identify the differences you see. Please specifically note elements related to the Ways of Knowing — language, emotion, perception, and reason — and describe the differences in a comment. How might these differences affect how an historian using these reports might describe the topic fifty or one hundred years from today? You will have twenty minutes for this activity.


Go to The Best Tools To Help Develop Global Media Literacy. Explore the different links there. Identify anything you learn that relates to how the Ways of Knowing might affect the work of historians from different parts of the world fifty or one hundred years from today. You will only have fifteen minutes for this activity.

Please write your comment here, and not at that “The Best…” list.