The Milgram Experiment & The Stanford Prison Experiment

Review these resources on the Milgram Experiment. Please write in the comment section if you believe the Experiment was valid (did it really measure what Milgram thought he was measuring?) and if you think it was ethical. Give your reasons.

The Milgram Experiment from Johannes Jørgensen on Vimeo.

Disclose TV Video on Milgram experiment

Stanford Prison Experiment Overview (13 min) from Ryan Beck on Vimeo.

Stanford Prison Experiment-Zimbardo from Sansa Morse on Vimeo.

Stanford Prison Experiment Video

Critique of Experiment

Second Critique

Milgram’s Experiment

Stanley Milgram Experiment

Milgram Experiment Ethics

In March, 2010, a French game show tried to duplicate the experiment. Here’s article about the show. And here’s a video about it:

Learn about an experiment that occurred ten years after the Milgram Experiment: The Stanford Prison Experiment.

Review this list of the Ten most unethical psychology experiments.

Check Out This Real-Life Milgram Experiment:

A hoax most cruel: Caller coaxed McDonald’s managers into strip-searching a worker

And a movie about it, Compliance.

And a review of the movie.

Ever Meek, Ever Malleable is from The New York Times.

Rethinking One of Psychology’s Most Infamous Experiments

Review of movies done on both experiments.

Stanford Prison Experiment clips:

Milgram movie clips:

Modern Milgram experiment sheds light on power of authority is from Nature.

Milgram Experiment Replicated With Same Results