Two More Assignments For Final Project

As we’ve discussed, you must choose two out of three options for your final project. They must be completed by Wednesday, June 12th. You will have all the time in class beginning from June 3rd and ending on June 12th (you will have the first hour on June 12th) to complete them.

One option is the Explain It Like I’m Five project. You may do that alone or in pairs.

Another option is “The Ways Of Knowing & Areas Of Knowledge As A List.” For that project, write what you think are the six most important words for each of the WOK’s and AOK’s. In addition to listing the words, you need to define them and explain why you believe each one deserves to be one of the six most important words to understand the topic. You also have to illustrate the one word you think is most important and explain why you think it’s the most important. You may do this project alone or in pairs. Here’s an example of a similar project.

The third option is a modified version of the “What If?” history project we did earlier in the year. For this project, however, you must respond to this question (taken from Science Magazine):

You can travel back in time to share one piece of scientific knowledge from today. Where do you go? Describe the date and place you choose, the information you share, and how it might change the course of history. (Assume that the people you visit will understand and believe you!)

Make a slideshow similar to one you made in the earlier project, and lay-out the different ways history might be changed. Use the same format. You may do this project alone or in pairs.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” is often attributed incorrectly to Albert Einstein, though he did say something similar.

In addition to your ten words final project, you are going to apply this quotation in class.

You will choose one concept from each of the Ways of Knowing and explain it to five year-old. Reddit has a series of videos called “Explain It Like I’m Five,” which provide good examples. You may perform in class, create a video, make animations using one of these easy tools; create comic strips using these tools; make a PowerPoint to go along with a presentation; use this Google Docs story tool, or do something else (that has to be approved by Mr. Ferlazzo).

Any performance, video or presentation should last no longer than four minutes.

You may work alone or in pairs.