Could You Kill A Baby Hitler?


We discussed the question “Could you kill a baby Hitler” after we completed the “What If?” history project.

Answer that question using the ABC format:

ANSWER the question
BACK it up with a quotation
COMMENT – in other words, elaborate on your thinking

Use what we’ve learned in our Ethic unit, and information from the following sources:

The Ethics of Killing Baby Hitler is from The Atlantic.

The philosophical problem of killing baby Hitler, explained is from Vox.

Would You Kill Baby Hitler? is from The Big Think.

A journalistic service: Here is which Republican candidates would murder baby Hitler is from The Washington Post.

What a world without Baby Hitler might look like is from The Washington Post.

Why It’s Unethical To Go Back In Time And Kill Baby Hitler is from Forbes.

Sources Of Morality

Upload your PowerPoints on the sources of morality to Authorstream.

Then, paste the link in the comments section of this post.

Prepare a five minute presentation to go with your slideshow. After all the presentations, each student will answer the question “Where do you think is the primary source of your own morality” using information from the presentation and your own personal experiences as evidence.

What Are Your Moral Principles?

Please visit the following four websites and answer the questions on each one. They each will provide an analysis of what your answers supposedly say about your moral principles. Take notes on a piece of paper about what they say and why, and if you agree with the and why or why not.

Philosophers’ Net Morality Game

Philosophy Games

Should You Kill The Fat Man?

Morals – Social Responsibility Questionnaire

Your Morals