2013 TOK Essay Schedule

As we’ve discussed, IB has recently decided to delay providing essay “prompts” until September 1st. The essay you write this year will not be sent to IB, but will still count as half of your semester grade in this class. The process we go through will be invaluable for those of you who are continuing in the IB Diploma process and whom will be required to write an essay in the fall. Those of you not in going for a Diploma will not have to write a second essay.

Here is the schedule for our TOK “practice” essay:

Week of May 6th:


Review schedule

Review “”IB Theory of Knowledge Essay Writing Guide”

IB TOK Essay Guides

Review “Six Steps to a Really Good Theory of Knowledge Essay” and Six steps to writing a good TOK essay:A Student Guide.

Here’s an extra chapter to our textbook on writing a TOK essay.

Write a total of twelve things you learn that might assist you write your essay.


Review the potential essay “titles” that can be found here. You should pick two, just in case we review sample essays responding to one of them.(NOTE: Diploma Candidates can only choose from the ones in May, 2013 — those are the same choices being offered to Mr. Coey’s class. Non-Diploma candidates can pick any one other than the prompts used by the student sample essays below)

November, 2014

May, 2014

May, 2013





2009 – 10



First, please go to the sidebar of this blog under “Essay Links” and visit as many websites there as you can. Make a list of the six most important things you feel you’ve learned from them, and at least three questions you have (more are preferable).

Second, here are three potential outlines for you to use to prepare your essay.

Here is an outline that I have created and I think is the best.

Model of Completed Outline

Here is what the completed essay using that model looked like…

Second model of completed outline



You must use one of these forms to guide the outline to both your practice essay and your final essay. You do not necessarily have to actually fill out the form, but you must use it as a guide. Your practice essay outline will be due two weeks from the day we complete the introduction to the essay unit.

Third, look at this Planning Sheet and, if you decide it can be helpful, please print it out.

Fourth, look at these four TOK essays written by former students. Write down five things you notice about each.

Essay 1

Essay 2

Essay 3

Essay 4

Essay 5

Essay 6

Essay 7

Also note:

* How many Ways of Knowing are discussed and what were they?

* How many Areas of Knowledge are discussed and what were they?

* How many explicit textbook connections did you find and what were they?

* How many personal examples were used and what were they?

* How many non-personal examples were used and what were they?

* How many “stories” were used and what were they?


Go to this TOK blog and download and print-out Six steps to a ToK essay 2. Review it.

Review this preparation sheet. Write down what you think are the five most important points and why you think they’re important.


This will be a “catch-up” day if we are running behind schedule.

Week of May 13th:

Your outline is due on Friday of this week.


We will review A, B, and C essays, including one titled ““Are reason and emotion equally necessary in justifying moral decisions?”

What differences do you notice between the A, B, and C essays; What can you apply to your own essay?


Work on outline


TOK research as described previously.


Work on outline


Essay outline is due. Review these notes from last year prior to turning in your outline.

Week of May 20th

The first draft of your essay is due on Friday of this week. You will have all week to work on it. Email it to me.

Week of  May 27th

Work on the final version of your essay. Remember, the field trip is May 29th.

Your final version is due on June 3rd. Email it to me.

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