What Has Been The Best Moment You’ve Experienced In A Class?

As I have explained, I write a teacher advice column for educators.

This week’s questions is “What has been your best moment in a classroom?”

I thought it would be interesting to get student responses, too.

Please write about your own best experience in a paragraph or two in the comments section. It might be best to write it in Google Doc first and then copy and past it here.


When and where it happened, though don’t use names (say in elementary school, in high school, in Sacramento, or elsewhere, say the grade)

What happened

How you felt then and how you feel now about it

What made it so good

What can teachers and other students learn from the experience?


Over the weekend, I will select several passages for publication, and will give those authors permission slips needing to be signed by parents.  There will be no problem, however, if you or your parents decide that you do not want your work published.

2 thoughts on “What Has Been The Best Moment You’ve Experienced In A Class?

  1. I remember when I was a sophomore student in Mansfield High School and I studied in Theater Arts class. This class is about performing in the stage, student here learn how to act like the real actor do in their movie. On one day, me and my classmates had an assignment to work on. All of the student had the same instruction from the teacher. I tried very hard on this assignment. And the day of performing, my group did very well and it was unexpected. I have never feel so successful about myself than ever. And when I saw another performing from the other group, I feel so happy because their performing were good as well. I talk to myself that only one paper about instruction, there were many and many performing were born, a lot of idea that I have never known. The performing were unique and fantastic that everyone in the class watch it, they all laugh and surprised. That was a good experience for me because I feel so proud about myself and the class as well. For now, I’m still feel good whenever I think about that class, I want to be a part of those class again. The things that make it good are there are not anyone boxes that form student in one idea, many students have their own imagination and way of thinking, they performed those in class and the other could also learn something about them. The lesson that the teachers and students can learn from this experience are there are many ways and many things that you might never know, everybody can do what they want to perform as long as it follow the instruction and be always proud of what you’ve done.

    • Kenneth Hayes
      Theory of Knowledge
      What has the best classroom moment
      The best classroom moment I have had would have been during my sophomore year. During this time I had been in my History class, I had been sitting in the second row. The class was on the 2nd floor and it was 1st period. This day started as any other until we had an intruder alert go off throughout campus and everyone went into panic. My teacher had blocked the door and turned off the lights and all of the window. A friend and i went to sit under a table and wait for class to start back. After about 20 minutes my teacher heard a knock on the door and went to check it out, it happened to be another student who was coming from the bathroom but my teacher didnt know and as he opened the door my teacher jumped in fear and kicked the kid in the chest before realizing who it was. Looking back at that moment now as i have matured and been through more similar experiences i can look at the moment and laugh because it was something that at the time everyone was scared of, but now after seeing how minor the experience was its very laughable. What made this moment so good was seeing how my teacher would have kicked another student to protect us from danger. I guess both student and teacher can learn that in some cases you may want to look before you open a door.

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