What Has Been The Best Moment You’ve Experienced In A Class?

As I have explained, I write a teacher advice column for educators.

This week’s questions is “What has been your best moment in a classroom?”

I thought it would be interesting to get student responses, too.

Please write about your own best experience in a paragraph or two in the comments section. It might be best to write it in Google Doc first and then copy and past it here.


When and where it happened, though don’t use names (say in elementary school, in high school, in Sacramento, or elsewhere, say the grade)

What happened

How you felt then and how you feel now about it

What made it so good

What can teachers and other students learn from the experience?


Over the weekend, I will select several passages for publication, and will give those authors permission slips needing to be signed by parents.  There will be no problem, however, if you or your parents decide that you do not want your work published.