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  1. One major challenge that I’ve faced ever since I’ve been in Junior High to now has been procrastination. I still struggle with it now but I’m doing better in school, but like they say there’s always room for improvement. How I started out was that I got lazy & that I was more outgoing, I also had a lot of new distractions in life such as friends, family, & relationships. I started losing my interest in school & that became a major problem because I just stopped trying. At times I would think about quitting school. Be a junior high dropout, & then things happened & it affected me in a good & bad way. I learned a new meaning of life, as to what my role was. But even from there I couldn’t get right back on track because I’ve been on that path for way too long & I was getting comfortable with it. I’m slowly starting to get there though; I’m doing my work more often, less procrastination (although it is still there very often). I’m proud of myself though.
    I know that I was being vague with my first paragraph but that was only because it’s something personal that I would prefer not to share with you guys. That was the only big thing that changed me, can’t forget about the small things now can I? Small things that changed my mind were teachers & friends. My teachers not only guided me through education but on how much of an impact it can be in life. As for friends, they helped encourage me; they pushed me when I needed it most. All in all combined, they made me who I am today. But the last most important thing was I, I learned to trust in myself & believe in myself instead of putting myself down all the time like how I used too. Now I rarely use “I can’t”, now I use “I’ll try”, & that is the most important thing. Always remember that if you believe in yourself & don’t trust yourself no one else will. For one believe & trust you, you have to believe & trust yourself first.

  2. one of many challenges i have overcome was doubting myself. Ive always wanted to be apart of drumline but I never encouraged myself to go and try it out. I doubted myself and said ill never be able to play as well as them let alone make the team. But that all changed when I saw the movie, “Drumline”. When I saw the movie I noticed there where a bunch of girls on the team. I have a passion for music. Not only do I enjoy listening to it but I also had a dream of making it one day.

    That day was on September 9, 2013. That day was my first year of soft more year. I was so nervous walking to the band room, I started doubting myself again and I almost did not go, but I pushed myself into going and I made new friends and I actually made the team. I started off playing snare, which is pretty good considering it was my first time playing any type of instrument. Now I play the quads, which is a little more advance. Till this day I encourage myself to try new things and encourage myself to do what I like. When I begin to doubt myself I think back to this incident and say to myself “you got this guurl!!!!”

  3. One of the many challenges I’ve come(am coming) across was being the first generation to be going to college. I remember thinking that in high school you automatically figured out what you were going to be and where you were going to go for college. I never had that whole parents talk about going to college and which colleges they thought I should go. I never had to think farther in life because I wasn’t pushed or encouraged to do so. The sheltering my parents gave me became this type of damaging situation because suddenly people were questioning me about where I was going to apply to college, what majors I was going to take, what I was going to become in life. I realized at that moment ,as a sense of fear overcame me, that I had no clue how to answer these questions.

    I was on my own for the first time without a person to rely on since my parents could not offer any help.This idea of being away from my family scared me and I had no clue where to begin. This internal pressure that was suddenly place on my shoulders overwhelmed my senses and disrupted my emotions. Suddenly without noticing I became this nervous wreck who was stressing and mentally snapping at people who annoyed me. It got to the point I almost yelled at my friend for no reason.

    When I finally realized how far this pressure was taking me over the edge..i took a step back, breathed deeply and did the only thing I could think of….speak to my mentor. And surprisingly its brought me a long way out of my rut.

  4. Peer pressure. Peer pressure is like standing in the spotlight in front of thousands of people hoping you don’t make a fool out of yourself; you try to give the people what they want. But what if what they want isn’t what you want? Peer pressure can happen to anyone at any given time. When your peers try to pressure you into doing something you may not want to do you feel torn. Torn between you and your peers. Torn between the right and wrong thing to do. You start to second guess your morals, and come up with numerous possibilities about what would happen if you were to say no. You begin to ask yourself questions like “Would they still be my friends?” Or “What would they think of me if I say no?”. You also may start to feel tempted inside and feel the urge to just say yes and try to tell yourself that it’s “only a one time thing”. Or you may just feel the need to impress them or you get the feeling that you won’t fit in if you don’t do what they want you to do.
    I’ve been there. I’ve been torn between those two feelings. I know what it’s like to want to fit in, however you have to ask yourself “What would I be sacrificing if I did this?”. Chances are that you would be sacraficing a lot. I overcame peer pressure by coming to the realization that fitting in with the crowd was pointless. I overcame peer pressure by just saying NO. If they don’t want to be friends with you just because you don’t want to do the same things they do then they aren’t worth it. There are no rewards for fitting in, and there is no sentimental value that comes along with being in the “in crowd”. You won’t recieve a pat on the back for being like everyone else- you would just lack originality. Why be like everyone else when you could be you? Why be just another face in the crowd? Stand out, be unique. We’re made different for a reason, find yours.

  5. I never was able to speak for myself. I would usually have someone to tell or ask someone for something, for I was too shy, and I was scared that what I said would make myself look weak, or be ridiculous as if it were obvious. Whenever there were a majority of others choosing a side, I would follow them, and end up being in that group with minimal participation.

    I couldn’t stand not having my say in situations, and that motivated me to speak up, talk for myself, and thus, reducing my shyness and developing my identity. Now asking others is a piece of cake, as not everyone is perfect, and there wouldn’t be any answers if it weren’t for questions. I had realized this as even someone older, with more experience, asked a question that seemed obvious to me.

  6. A challenge I overcame was self-control. I use to have major problems in controlling myself when people started to make me mad. I remember a time when I was in 7th grade my class was playing doge-ball. At the end of the game, when I was walking away, a student came up to me and hit me straight in the face with the ball. Keep in mind that the balls we used where hard so we could not hit above the waist. When he hit me in the face I felt like hitting him in the face and starting a fight, but I decided to calm down and walk away.
    In order for me to calm down I tried not to show him that I was mad so he would have just walked away and not continued. Then I walked away and when no one was around I punched a wall until my knuckles turned blood red. I did feel like going back and hitting him because that’s what I usually did. I had a bad record of getting into fights and I was close to being kick out of school for it. I thought to myself and said that that kid was not worth getting kicked out of school so after I calmed down I went back to class and continued my day.
    p.s. that kid was not punished for his actions and I thought that was unfair but I still kept calm out what happened.
    Zepol Leugim

  7. My Challenge
    A challenge I faced in school was when I was in the 5th grade. In the 5th grade I struggled with keeping my grades up and time management. I usually got C’s and B’s in class when I knew I could get A’s. When I saw the other kids with straight A’s I was disappointed in myself’ but I did not know what to do. My mom was disappointed in me and I could not do anything about it because, well, I did not know what to do.
    One day I decided to take action and ask my teacher for help. She was my favorite teacher at the time; we’ll call her Mrs. Cherry. I told her about my struggles with keeping my grades up, but she already knew I needed help because I usually would turn in work late and incomplete. Mrs. Cherry set up a conference with my mom and told her ways that she could help me in school. Although my mother could not help me much because she did not know much English herself she was able to keep me on track in school by reminding me when assignments were due. Thanks to my mother and my 5th grade teacher I was able to overcome my challenge of time management.

  8. Story about the ours struggle and how we overcame them.
    There once was a time where I had problem with going to school because there at school I was very afraid to talk to other people which made me scared of school so I didnt interact with other student. The reason why it was a problem for me to go to school was that the other kids would always pick on me for knowing the answer and they didn’t. The reason is because I wasn’t the smartest student out there but I always try my best to understand what the teacher would say. So because of that people made fun of me for trying to learn in school and for being a nerd. I always tell them that im not a nerd and im just learning so that my future wouldn’t be mess up like other people who didn’t take school serious. So i keep going to school and try to learn but they keep on bugging me so I didnt learn much.
    So one day my parents ask me why do I look so sad everyday when I come home so I decide to tell my parents whats happening. They told me that if that happens again tell the teacher whats going on but first try to stop them first with my own words. So I did and they stop bothing me when im trying to learn and stay on task for school. So in conclusion how I solve this problem was to stand up for myself and to be brave.

  9. School was fine up until the 6th grade when things started getting harder. Even up until now, which I am now in 11th grade, which now it means more studying and at times it feels as if I dedicate my life or a lot of my time to school and its assignments like a game player who would spend hours on end on a game but this time it is not a game that he would enjoy playing and is forced to play. Each day I would spend 12 to 14 hours a day on school things as in school itself and the schoolwork that is given to me, which in a lot of the days I would be all stressed out just because of one thing, ”school”. But how I overcome all of this stressful stuff is each day after I finish my homework, I would spend time watching something, eating, or playing games with my family members. And what I would do by myself that relieves my stress the most is by working out because this would take out all of my stresses at once.

  10. A challenge that I overcame was middle school. All my friends from my elementary school didn’t go to the same middle school as me because I was always moving around from house to house. So on the first day of school, I was super nervous and I didn’t even want to go to any of my classes since I didn’t know anyone. My parents told me that I shouldn’t worry about such things because almost everyone there is going to be new anyway and they told me that there are people from different elementary schools going into the middle school I’m going to, and half of them don’t even know each other. That kind of made me feel less nervous but I still didn’t like the fact that I was going to a middle school where I didn’t know anyone.
    And as the days went on, I eventually made new friends. Surprisingly, my new friends knew some of my old friends and that was nice for me since I’m hanging out with like-minded people. With friends by my side, I didn’t feel as nervous as I was in the beginning of the school year. I overcame middle school with the help of my new friends.

  11. Challenge I Overcame

    A big challenge i overcame was dancing again or dancing in front of people. When i was little i was a HUGE break dancer until the day i almost broke my arm. My cousin’s and i were dancing and we was going at it but i wanted to try something new, so with the “great” mind i had i tried to do a 9000, basically in a nutshell you go into a one hand stand and spin. But when going into the hand stand i felt all my pressure on my arm and i almost collapsed on myself, but luckily i recover from that stance. So from that day i never dance again….. until i got into high school.

    When i started high school i saw the dance crew Monsterz Inc perform and it got me excited about dancing again but i was really worried about my physical condition. I was fat and lazy but i still have the urge to dance inside of me. During freshman year i would occasionally went to Monsterz and watch them dance, and after seeing the first time they really worked out i was intimidated. I felt like i wouldn’t make the standards. So the whole freshman year i just stuck with JROTC. Sophomore year would be the year i joined. My younger brother had just cam into Luther Burbank as a freshman and he joined Monsterz before i did and i had to watch him and Monsterz dance until six pm. I was very moved by the songs and the dance. It wasn’t like what i saw freshman year but it was still awesome. After being there so long i was convinced into starting to dance.

    Being back into dance was exhilarating, I mean after so long i started to dance again i was ready for anything. Being in Monsterz is amazing learning new dance styles and learning the history of dance. It was amazing being there but until the day we performed, and boy was i nervous. I just tried my best not to think about it nowadays but back then it was the thing i was most scared of, don’t get me wrong but i love to dance not just in front of others. I was eventually able to overcome that fear but i little part of me say that i still am afraid but i try not to think about it much. I like to thank Monsterz Inc for helping me overcome my fear and letting my see the light of dancing.

  12. One challenge I faced growing up was not being able to control my behavior. As a kid up until the 9th grade I didn’t know how to control my anger most of the time so I didn’t have a positive relationship with my teachers and classmates. I was ignorant and selfish and thought I was always right all the time. The reason towards this was not being able to have the best communication with my parents. The way they acted towards me didn’t just affect me but also reflected my personality to other people. Being irritated for not being able to communicate with my parents I was always in a bad mood in school as well as out of school. My older sister than sat with me and talked about my behavior towards others and helped me become a not only a better person but also improve on my behavior. Now in school I know how to not talk back to teachers (sometimes lol). I have better relationships with my peers which makes make me feel better about myself.

  13. One time that I overcame something to have self-control was back in 2nd grade and I don’t remember much but I will try my best to re-tell the story. So I had asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom and she said yes. But before that a girl had asked and she said yes to her so I went to the bathroom without knowing that she just said yes to her. So when I came back the teacher noticed and asked me where I was so I said you said I could go to the bathroom. She then explained that she said yes to her and told me to stay back and clean my desk. So since I was little I was sad and started crying because I didn’t want to stay longer than I had to in school. I was crying a little bit but held back my tears because it wasn’t much.

    I still don’t understand why I would cry for that but maybe if I was older than I wouldn’t get sad but would get mad instead. If I would have gotten mad it would be different but I think I would still have my self-control. This taught me a lesson because it made me know that not everything you hear is the same as you want to hear it.

  14. A challenge that I have faced in the past was when I had to make all new friends freshman year coming to Burbank. In middle school I went to James Rutter which is not in the Sac City school district so I was supposed to attend Florin High but I didn’t go there, I came here. Because all my friends went to Florin, when I came to Burbank, I didn’t know anyone. The only person I knew was this guy that went to my middle school but we only had one class together. It was a challenge because I had to make all new friends and pretty much start from scratch. I wasn’t really that much of an outgoing person so this was really hard for me.

    I overcame this challenge by talking to new people and making new friends. The first person I talked to was Alex and he was so nice and we are still really close. Overcoming this challenge has influenced the person that I am today. Because of this challenge I am a more outgoing person and now I love talking to new people and making new friends and even trying new things. I love the friends that I have now and I do not have any regrets.

  15. My Challenge
    In adolescent years we face many challenges; pertaining to me I did not care for school. Teachers and students all got on my nerves. I was mostly was alone and I was not a people person. I skipped school, class, and got in to fights because I did not care for authority or school rules. I was always getting into trouble, even though I was a pretty good student. I thought that if thing were easy they were a waste of my time, and school was easy for me so I did not care for it, it was a waste of time.
    I really never go over my chanelllenge, but I got better. Over the time I mature and school got a little hard and I realized school was important for my future. Now I am a straight A student and most of the time I respect my teacher and students. I still am maturing, I am still trying to respect student, but they still get on my nerves. To me a challenge is never over, you just mature and there are still remains of the challenge your face every day.

  16. Challenges in High School

    One of the major impacts that I struggled with was when I had to take double sciences. I had recently been moved into SLC 8 and I wasn’t use to the butt load of work. I could’ve just dropped my Chemistry class but I decided I could do it. Since I had double sciences I struggled with finishing my work and being on task. I got both sciences mixed up very often. I then eventually started procrastinating. Not to mention being in an ROTC team member, because of that I was always busy. Obviously that threw me off. I got back on task and from there I received the best scores in class, had the highest score on about 4 big tests, past my 1st quarter final with an A. I almost cried after receiving that A, because it was such an impossible thing to do. The class became one of my favorite classes.
    How I got over this challenge was that, I asked tons of questions when I didn’t understand a thing in his class. I came after school for as much reviews as possible. I did as much extra credits as I could and I eventually understood his class completely. Of course, I still struggled in his because it was so advanced but overall I learned to be very on task and get what I wanted out of the way done with before doing anything else. So, thank goodness Mr. Brown’s 6th period Chemistry.

  17. Growing up in an era where nobody really cares often puts the youth of our generation in a pretty dangerous environment,anywhere,anytume. Some people have given up thinking thats the best and easy way out of this madness. Ive learned the most i think i possibly can and still i feel great desperation everytime i dream of better future. Not jus for me though…everyone.. Today before i came to school i was ready to fight a bully that was pushing my nerves and im not the type to be known as a punk either. This week ive been in different situatuons where it seemed like fate was pushing my luck so i can fight someone ,anyone, for the most stupidest reasons… Yet i held my peace, because i know i have bigger stuff on my mind. Yet as people antagonize me that even puts more on my mind thinking maybe others mistake my goodness for granted… Anyways this morning a jock was antagonizing me as i restrained myself mentally trying not to give up this state and trade it for an even worse one by fighting him and getting suspended .Not being able to walk the stage at the end of the year…Acquantices practically begged me to tell them whats wrong with me, but part of jolding my peace was not talking negative because im smart enough to know rumors will get spread and then…well i think you know what happens in a fight right…

  18. My Challenge
    One challenge that I have had was going into freshman year because all my friends went to John F Kennedy. I knew like 2 people but wasn’t really friends with them. On freshmen orientation I was by myself in the freshmen orientation rally. Then the first day of school I walked in to my first class and I didn’t know anybody and everybody seem to know each other and I was just their doing nothing and not talking to anybody. Then in all my classes it was pretty much the same thing didn’t anybody.

    But in I overcome it the next couple of days I starting making friends and talking to people. In lunch I saw a girl that I knew from middle school but never talked to. I started to talk to her and we had a lot of things in common so that was good. In my class in meet this girl and she was really nice and cool. Know the girl from lunch is my best friend and the girl that I meet from class and I also made a lot of other good and cool friends. But know I am a junior and I have a lot of friends and I don’t feel lonely.

  19. A time when i have overcame my self-control, was when i was in elementary school. I have this big issue with one of my friend (Dai), its all b/c that she lied to my other friend (Ying) that i was talking bad about her. I don’t even know that it happen, until i heard it from my other friend name (Yer). I got so pissed off, i really want to punch her until she couldn’t stand up. But i’m not those type of person that will get myself in trouble b/c of a little thing.

    Ying have been mad at me for a few days until i talk with her.I also got pissed too, b/c she believe other people too much. I have to explain everything to her until she was happy. Also, i don’t understand why she got happy so fast and easily. That way does makes me don’t want to know her anymore b/c she will believe whatever peoples tell her. And create more misunderstanding again. Since that day on i don’t hangout with her no more, even all of my other friends. I fell better without friends that like to gossip, i got away from that weird freindship.

  20. TOK Challenge
    In my life I’ve faced an abundance of challenges. Most I have overcame, and some I am struggling to overcome. One particular struggle I have had since the beginning of September of this year is Senioritis. My Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years were when I worked my butt off and was glad I was doing it. I was an academic athlete who could balance everything and was happy to do so. However, this year I was and am the laziest I have ever been. I procrastinate all the time, or don’t really even do the work. Most of it I feel is pointless like in English. I am not an athlete at the moment so there should be no reason why I am like this and so early in the year.
    To tackle this problem that could most definitely hurt and possibly destroy my future is I am making small goals. For example my goal for each class is to complete or nearly complete my work. My goal for home is to do each homework assignment like IB Methods or English or some other class and afterwards do something to relax. These may sound like trivial or silly goals, but honestly they really help. Part of my senioritis problem is that I am so overwhelmed with homework, projects, college applications, scholarship applications, and chores that I just don’t do any of them. I am able to take each problem and work on one alone, not all at once. With these goals, I strive to get back on track with school before it is too late. So my advice to any students who are in high school, whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, or even senior, make small goals that are reasonable to you and don’t give up on school. Take things that are overwhelming and go step by step, piece by piece. Education is really the key to success.

  21. A challenge I over came was in freshmen year. When my teacher was checking every ones note book. For semester grade and on my note book it have my brother name even though it was mine. And he call me over and ask me if I stole the note book. And I toll him that no it was my note book but by accident my brother wrote his name on it. So the teacher toll me to write my name on my note book. And cross out my brothers. I did and went to show it to the teacher. And he toll me no write your name on each paper. I went back to my desk and I did. I went back to show it to him and he toll me you have to write your last name on it too. I went back to my desk and did it. And when back to show it to him and he said it was okay now and just to leave it on his desk so he can correct it.
    I over came his challenge by trying not to talk back to my teacher. Try keep calm and not walk out of the classroom. And by doing that I release that teachers are complicated. Just like doing your homework. Sometimes you are going able to understand what its asking sometimes not. As you grow you understand why teachers are the way they are. Its good to ignore teachers sometimes that way you understand what they were ask for.

  22. Throughout my life i have faced and overcome many challenges.The challenge was coming to school every day.This was a major challenge for me because I would not come to school because i was to lazy and my classes were hard.I face other challenges but i avoid them because i have a fix mind set therefore i avoid challenges.

    The way I overcame this challenge was that i made school my main priority. Also my parents were one of the main reasons i decided to start coming more often. Another reason was because I also though about my future and wanting to become someone in life.

  23. A challenge that I faced and overcame was being such a procrastinator. From what I remember, since middle school I would always procrastinate and do things at the last minute which most of the time wasn’t the best option or the best things because things wouldn’t turn out as I expected. Being a procrastinator affected me in a negative way because I would be behind in classes and not do good in school which affected me in school, with my parents, personally and emotionally.

    The way I overcame this challenge was by making school and school things my number one priority instead of focusing in stuff that in the end I realized weren’t important at all. My mom was also a key to me overcoming this challenge because she would always be “on my back” making sure that I would get things done as well as helping me in what she could. I can say that my mom has been the main key for me being successful and a much more responsible person.

  24. One challenge that I faced and overcame while growing up
    The challenge that I faced growing up was overcoming my inability to speak up for myself against bullies in school. There can be bullies anywhere that you go whether it is in a school, at home, around your neighborhood, on the internet, at a park, etc. These bullies can extend to anyone even adults. The bullies that I had growing up were in school and it wasn’t because I was anti-social, but that I was very quiet and nice. In my household, I was brought up by my mother to be polite, follow the rules at school, and be kind and respectful to others. Bullying can start when you are very young with one act of cruelty that can extend to several acts in school. I eventually did become more withdrawn due to the bullying to avoid being “hated”. This can happen to anybody, there is also a slight chance that the bullied can evolve into a bully to bring himself/herself up by bringing someone else down. If this does happen then the person that you find yourself bullying can also turn into a bully, creating an endless cycle of bullies, or maybe he or she might learn from you what bullying someone might do to them.
    Although I would not categorize myself as a bully, I definitely grew very tough in the sense that I am very serious and I understand what is right and what is wrong. Now that I am in high school, I have many friends who are well liked by everybody and I will speak up for myself and others that are being bullied. If you find yourself being bullied or harassed or see anybody being bullied then go to a teacher or parent. This does not make you a snitch if someone is getting hurt.

  25. What I overcame
    Something that I overcame as I got older is how naïve I use to be. When I was younger, I use to believe that everyone is a nice person and had no reason to be mean or cold toward anyone else. I later learned that this was not the case. People can discriminate, be jealous, destroy, lie, believe that you are inferior in some way to them, be rude, act crazy, leave someone empty handed, prejudice against, bully, steal, be inconsiderate, hurt people, be racist, kill, or even hurt someone that you care about.
    Now that I am older, I see things extremely different than how I use to. I know not to slack off in school, not to judge a book by its cover, not to listen to gossip because the majority of it isn’t true, not to judge someone based on their looks, to let someone know where you are going before you leave the house, to defend someone if they are being bullied, even if you don’t know them, to value hard work and the people who do it, to try to be understanding to others who are having a hard time in their lives, to get to know someone before trusting them with anything, and to help people, whether it’s by treating the sick, feeding someone, helping them with their homework, giving them money, or just by listening to them. The most important thing that I learned that changed who I am is that not everything is what it seems.

  26. A challenge I’ve faced and overcame was going to school. Everyone hates waking up early in the morning for school or anything, and I was once, although still, hating waking up early and going to school. It was really a struggle for me as I was little and young back then, especially attending pre-school. It was a hard life. I thought I’ll eventually get used to the time but I never really was. There were times when I always had this thought that I should try and get sick so I won’t have to wake up early, but although I wanted to do that I just can’t. It feels like something is blocking me from doing it and so I ended up not doing it, even though there were times where I will sometimes do it; on the weekends or break when I’m forced to go somewhere I dislike.
    The thought of not going to school and how my life will be like afterwards is terrifying. I don’t want to end up with a twisted life. My parents never gave up on me and so I thought ‘why should I give up on myself and make them disappointed?’ I want to be successful and make them feel more of a feeling of contentment rather than disappointment because that’ll make me feel the same way too. I know I may not be the first one to go to college but I know I’m the most emotional one in my family so I can’t stand the thought of not succeeding. My parents and the future gave me the courage to go to school and do well because it all depends on my future that can change my and their world together. This made me overcame the challenge of attending school in all my years of school.

  27. A Challenge I Overcame
    When thinking about a challenge I faced and overcame, several things pop up in my mind. However, the challenge that I overcame and I am most proud of is when I get a better test score, in math, than one of my friends. My friend, “Bob” is somewhat smarter than me. Prior to our test day, we learned to solve many math problems. Day after day, I would see this guy comprehending the lesson, while I have no clue how to do it. Despite the fact that i don’t understand the lessons, I work hard and earn my way to overcome this challenge.

    I know that if I don’t seek for help, I will certainly fail this test. So, every morning before school starts, I go to my other math teacher’s class to get help. She is kind and very helpful. In addition, if I don’t comprehend the lesson, I would also ask my friends to help me, either personally or through social networking. After several days of getting help, I successfully overcame my challenge! My recommendation for people who are in the same situation as me is to ask for help. Do not be afraid or get shy of getting help. I had never experience a time in my life when I ask for help and my teacher would turn me down. Therefore, ask for help if you need it.

  28. Fitting in. Everyone struggles with fitting in. Fitting in means finding a place where you’re welcome, finding a place where no one judges you, and finding a place where you can be yourself. Well, at least that’s what it means to me. I’ve dealt with this challenge my whole life. I mean, I love my friends, don’t get me wrong, but just one thing and I start feeling insecure. Just one simple question, one confused stare, one whisper, and it makes me question, “Do I really belong here?”. And then other questions start popping in my mind, “Do these people really like me?” “Do I need to be more funny?” “Will they still like me after this or that?”. Oh god, life sucks. There will be situations where people judge you and tell you, you’re not good enough, but there will also people those who stay by your side and support you through anything. Believe me, I’ve found these people. They might not always entirely agree with me or always be around, but I know that when I do need them, they’re there.
    There struggles get easier. I overcame this challenge because I surrounded myself with people that share the same goals and interest as me. Although, I still question myself every day; do I fit in? I realize that with everyone trying to fit in, I already have something in common with them. (:

  29. One challenge that I overcame was when in freshman year of high school. During my freshman year I was taking Spanish level one. I was new to a whole new language and didn’t know anything about that language or culture . At first I was scared and the teacher was strict on us about learning the sound chart. I remember that I was struggling pronouncing the words and syllable. When it was time to present and speak out loud I was nervous and scared to get the pronunciation wrong and get yelled at by the teacher. When it was my turn I took a deep breath and did my best and my best wasn’t good because I had a lot of mistake but my teacher told me that it was good and I was relieved. A couple months past and it was time for the first oral of the Spanish year and at first I had confident that it was going to be easy but when the teacher added boundary and things we need to include that made it difficult. I was struggling again I practice and practice my oral until i memorize it. During the presentation I was pumped but nervous to fail my first oral. However I wanted to go first so that I can get it over with so I went third. When I spoke I was scared by the faces that was watching me and the glare of the teacher eyes.

    When I finish my oral I pasted with an “A” and that changed everything. Ever since I pasted my oral I gain confident , faith and wisdom. The challenge of failing Spanish and get a bad grade vanish the challenge that I had once was disappearing and i began to realize that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and work my hardest to gain or get want I want because of I didn’t then my grade would have been bad. I overcame the challenge of my Spanish class because I sticked to it and never gave up no matter how hard it got and no matter how stressful it got.

  30. Am I alone or independent? A challenge I overcame was the fear of being alone. When I was 6 years old I got lost inside of Walmart. I was away from my mom for an hour. I cried silently and finally I found my mom in line waiting to check out. She didn’t know that I was gone. The fact that my mom didn’t even know that I was gone, scares me. What if she just left me there in Walmart alone? I was terrified. As I grew up I pulled my little sisters in to do things with me so I wasn’t alone but after a while my parents got a divorce. I couldn’t drag my sisters around with me anymore because they lived with my dad and I had lived with my mom. Now I was really alone.
    I overcame this challenge myself. When I entered high school, I began to walk home by myself as practice. Soon I was able to take out the trash alone, walk across the streets alone, and I was able to do things alone. Then I figured it out that I had learned how to become independent. Being independent was great. No one to bother you and you didn’t bother others. Independent and alone are two totally different things.

  31. A challenge I overcame was, friendships. There were many times where, someone did something wrong and I was hurt by it. I was always in pain because of them, but I somehow got over it. I think I got over it by telling myself, “There are better things to worry about in life. Just have a good relationship with everyone, be happy.” By telling myself this, I don’t immediately forgive the people for what they did, I just over look it for now and let it go over time.
    I make myself the bigger person and clear the air and let the tension out. People may take this as me being a pushover or whatever, but oh well. I rather have good vibes with more people than to have beef with people. Like literally, I have rather have all the pressure off my shoulders. Not too long ago, I started talking to this one person who hurt me twice. It felt good to talk to that person again , it wasn’t awkward or anything , it felt good to know that we are cool now . I don’t know if this is a challenge ? but to me it is. I got over the problems with people and reconciled with them. Yay.

  32. A challenge I have overcame, is learning to read and write in English. Before I turned 8, I have never heard of this place called America. I lived in this tiny Island in the Pacific Ocean called the Marshall Islands. This island doesn’t really have a good sense of education, so my mom thought it was best for us to come to America, in order for me to receive better education. Because I wasn’t familiar with the English language, it was very hard for me to read and write English. My mother knew I had a hard time speaking, reading, and writing in English, so she did everything in her power to help me learn speak, read and write English. She would spend an hour or two helping me read the same book every day until I became familiar with the sounds of letters, pronunciation, and the meaning of the words. The first book I read was, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr.Seus .
    9 years have passed since I came to the America, and I am proud to say that I have somewhat mastered the English language. As you can see, I can also write and read in English. In the end, I can say that summer school and 2 hours of reading has paid off. I am thankful to have such a caring and loving mom who did everything in her power to help me get to where I am. Although , I haven’t fully mastered the English language , I can say that I will be willing to practice and am happy that I didn’t not give up .

  33. A challenged i faced that i had overcame was speaking or presenting in front of a large crowd. I had feared this situation because i was never able to talk towards an audience of strangers thought i was able to speak with me friends aloud. The way that i had gotten over this fear of presenting was just going no stage and speaking to a empty room. Even if i did not have a stage at all times i pretend that i was going on stage to make a famous speech. I would practice like this until the presentation day. I would volunteer to go first because i want to have the presence of the kid that was not scared of speaking. If i messed up it would even give me more confidence to present. As of today at times i would get nervous to present.

  34. I have over come many challenges. One of my challenges is to be a little more open with my opinion and stop being shy. The reason why I used to do that is because I was afraid people wouldn’t like my opinions or that people wouldn’t like me. I have been able to over come this by being more confident and express my opinions.

    Moments where I keep my opinions to myself and are shy is usually the first day of school or group projects. Sometimes people think I don’t cooperate but it’s not because I don’t want to it is because I am afraid it won’t be good enough and they won’t like me. Now I think to myself, you’ll be alright don’t worry you can do this. This is a challenge I have overcome.

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