Faith As A Way Of Knowing

IB has added “faith” as a new “Way of Knowing.”

Review these resources and identify ways that faith can help or hinder our search for knowledge. Please be sure to come up with at least three concrete examples:

Faith As A Basis of Knowing


Ways Of Knowing (scroll down to faith)

Scientific Faith Is Different From Religious Faith

Faith vs. Facts

How Possibilities of Life Elsewhere Might Alter Held Notions of Faith

Of Science And Faith, As Discussed By A Physicist And A Cardinal

Way of Knowing Final Project

Ways of Knowing Final Project

Review what we have learned about all the Ways of Knowing:









In groups of 1-4 people each, prepare a presentation (no longer than 6- to – 8 minutes), including a PowerPoint (it should have at least sixteen slides but can have more), on how at least five Ways Of Knowing can help and hinder our gaining of knowledge. Four of them must be Perception, Reason, Language and Emotion (our discussion in class on emotion was shortened — you can find additional resources here). You should include as many examples as possible — at least one example/story to illustrate how each WOK helps and hinders.

You will also have to begin your presentation by defining knowledge and end it by explaining which WOK you think is the most important one.

You will three days to prepare and practice your presentation.

Everyone should have a speaking role using index cards. Your PowerPoints will be posted on the blog for viewing by other TOK classes.

Please upload your presentation to Authorstream and post the link to it in the comments section of this post.