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Go to Art Galleries. Choose a painting and then, using the hand-out outline, write a short comment (include the link to the artwork you chose).

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21 thoughts on “Choose A Piece Of Art

  1. Goya – Saturn Devouring His Children

    This work of art depicts Saturn, a Roman god, devouring his children.

    The art is dark, and produces an emotion of hostility and barbarism through the cannibalism shown.

    I interpret the art as a warning and caution. It does this by making us feel disgusted by the image.

    I think the art does a pretty good job in expressing the strong emotion from the artist.

  2. Fredric Lord Leighton Flaming June

    Step 1:
    Girl sleeping. Bright orange long dress. Brown hair. White/Spanish girl. Brown sheets. Bed. Red flowers. White dresser. Black thing in front of dresser. White tile. Medium sized. Nipple.

    Step 2:
    The girl is zig-zagged, going from one line to another. She’s in bright clothing with a dull background, as if all eyes are supposed to be on her sleeping. She looks peaceful, holding herself gracefully. Her skin is very, very pale.

    Step 3:
    She looks peaceful, holding herself gracefully. Her foot is holding her from slipping meaning she might not fully be asleep yet. The first thing i noticed is the dress and the way it curves like a sun. He probably trying to convey passion and love for this girl.

    Step 4:
    I think the painting works very well and imitates exactly. It’s simple yet complex and I like it. I makes me feel heat.

  3. The Greatest Works of Art
    “Monets Waterlilies garden”
    Step 1:
    In this picture there are peoples in the background standing on the bridge, waterlilies floating up from the water, trees coming out from the water, flowers, and grass.
    The picture is not a type of painting; it is a taken picture from someone.
    Step 2:
    In the picture it had a reflection of the sky and trees which makes it like a mirror.
    The color of the picture has mostly green, with not that much of a lot of different color into it.
    Step 3:
    In the picture it shows people from around the world comes and see the Monets waterlilies Garden and he it was beautiful to them. The designer or artist is trying to express his form of art with a garden because a garden can help anyone put their stress away and stay away from hard work for one day.
    Step 4:
    I think the arts succeed because it helps other enjoy a wonderful day with taking picture and releasing stress. Yes the worl of art successfully organize the principals and elements of art because arts does not always have to be about drawing or painting but it can be shown through a place where it have all the same elements like arts. (Perspective, color, texture, ECT.)

  4. I like Goya the Saturn devouring his children:

    1.i see a demon looking guy holding a kid with one are in the demons mouth. The kid has no head or clothes on his right arm is gone.
    3. The art was painted on Goyas wall then transfered to a canvas after his death.

    1. The color and texture of the art looks rough, dark, and bloody.
    2. The painting is dark and looks evil. It gives a feeling of death

    1. I see a skinny demon looking guy holding an innocent child eating his arm. I don’t know what the art is trying to say its hard to say because its mostly cannibalism.

    1. I think the work Succeeded
    2. No its doesn’t i don’t see people eating children.
    3. I don’t know what that means.
    4. Yes it does. i feel like jumping in the picture and beating up the guy eating the kid.

  5. A Beautiful World by Grandma Moses
    The painting show a village. There are houses, people, horses, and waterways. It settings is very peaceful and full of happiness without the evilness of the world.
    She fill all the space with her painting. It is colorful.
    People are having fun, doing their jobs, and enjoy peace of the village. That the world can be peaceful like the painting.
    The works failed for there will be humans that never have enjoy peace in the world. Yes, for we can see peaceful towns without today problem. Yes, for the art show the artists emotion of the world can be like. The colorful paintings and the joy of looking at it. Yes, for it speak directly to my emotion of peace.

  6. I picked Fredric Lord Leighton – Flaming June

    *I see a woman in an orange dress that appears to be sleeping.
    *It is 47″ x 47″

    *The woman’s dress has many lines that curve to help shoe the flow of the dress.
    *The colors make the painting have a calm look and soothes a little.

    *I believe that the woman is really tired so she is taking a nap maybe its like she had a depressing day and she just knocked out.

    *I believe the artwork succeeds.
    *This imitates what we see in the real world.

  7. After i have looked at the art of a young woman on a boat there were some features that you can instantly get drawn into, in my opinion. For example her beauty, the dull colors that the painter has use to outline his features, and the background, which to me shown a loneliness that yearn for something. Through this art the painter is trying to signify the beauty of her face and her long or never ending journey through the colors of the paintings, such as, black, white, the color of the woman’s outfit, and other dull looking colors.


    i see some boats, water some people and a moon. there where also some rafts.

    the dull black and gray color makes it boring but balances with the yellow moon.the shapes also do not overwhelm each other.

    i see a day of hard work being payed off with the raising of the moon. its like a cool breeze of a hot summer day.

    you can see the emotions of a relaxed man. just as you would see in real life. this art picture succeeds.

  9. Sistine Madonna by Raphael

    Step 1:
    In this painting there are two angels with brown wings leaning on something plain and straight looking up at the sky staring at something and wondering what it may be. I can see white and gray clouds in the background.

    Step 2:
    It seems like these two angels are in the sky thinking about something, but we don’t know what they’re looking at because they’re eyes are just staring up. I can tell by their face expression that they are both calm and it looks like they’re relaxing because they are in a comfortable position.

    Step 3:
    The angels are obviously looking at something because they are both looking at the same direction and are almost in the same position (leaning on something plain and straight, which is not shown). I think that the artist is trying to tell us that the angels live in a peaceful place because their setting seems very plain with no disruptions of any kind and they are both looking at something, maybe watching over someone.

    Step 4:
    I think this work succeeds because it shows us the angels being in a very calm place (the clouds/sky) just like most people think they are. In my opinion, it does organize the principles and elements of art because it is a very professional and clear painting that did not confuse me at all and it communicates/speaks to my emotions because i can relate to the painting to myself and understand what is going on in the painting.

  10. A man figure, with strings of straw, and holes where his face and hands should be. The outline of the head is in a flower shape and object has shoes made out of straw. In a way from a long distance the object looks like a cactus, but the figure is now green but a golden color. The size is not clear but I think it’s a doll size. The texture is rough like an old sweater your grandma would give you. The object is just standing like a normal human being just like any human would. I don’t think the artist is saying anything I think he is trying to express his hard complicated work on it. I like the figure and I think it succeeds. I think it imitates the combination of humans and cactuses. I think the figure does organize the elements of art because of its complexity… but it does not really have the basics of art, which is that it’s not really clear of what it is trying to express. The figure does not speak with my emotions. Overall I like the figure and this is my response on this art piece I described…bye!

  11. The Tusha Hiti (Royal Bath)is my favorite painting.
    Step one:It is a blue catlike creature and it is part of a bath, it has been around since 12th century.
    Step two:This sculpture has smooth looking skin and besides the cace it seems as though the creaters were trying to portray a human body, and they did pretty well at it.
    Step three:In this sculpture it seems as though the artist is portrayingthat this is a sybol of power in that culture.
    Step four:I think that the work succeeds. This piece does communicate with your emotions because it makes you wonder what if people really did look like that.

  12. Goya – Saturn Devouring His Children

    Step 1: There is a corpse of a small child, blood, and saturn in a dark background.

    Step 2: Saturn’s torso is very big and takes up a lot of space. The painting is very accurate on Saturn’s posture. The posture of the child’s body seems tense and is centered in the middle of the painting. The background makes the audience focus on the action.

    Step 3: Saturn is not regretting what he is doing.

    Step 4: I think the painting really captures the atmosphere of what Saturn’s action.

  13. Magritte – Specchio Falso

    A painting of an eye 448 x 316. In the eye, there are clouds in the blue sky.

    A clear vision of the sky. The eye is opened wide white on the eyeball and clouds in the eyeball. The skin is dark; this picture does not matter if it is a person of white or black.

    The eye staring at the cloud means. People look at the sky to find answers. The dark skins could mean the darkness feeling of the person.

    This work of painting had depict the value of darkness and answers, a feeling of sadness perhaps. I believe this is considered as Art.

  14. artist Bae Bien-u

    I see a bunch of vine like trees. the setting of this place in n a forest n its really foggy. It is amazingly beautiful and mysterious in ones eye. you can see dark figures, shapes of the other trees. There is Korean writing on it and has the artist name on it as well. this is not a painting but a photo taken by the artist.

    Most of the trees in the picture are crooked and looks like vines. This place looks scary because of the foggy atmosphere. There is no color, its a black and white picture. i think that by using black n white color for this photo enhances the mood and tone of this place. With the fog it looks like there is no way out of the forest, like in some scary movies. i think that the artist is trying to tell us that even in the deepest depth of darkness their is still beauty. Because this picture may look scary but when looking closely its very mysterious and beautiful. it grabs your attention. when looking at this photo it feels like the photo is pulling you in.
    this artwork by the artist will be successful because if one give it time to analyze this peace of art they well be able to the the beauty in it.
    this piece of art imitates what we see in the world because there are forest like this we don’t see very much of it in real life we are too scare to go n see it for our self so we them in movies.
    yeas i think that this piece of art successfully organized the principles and elements of art because it shows the message of what the artist is trying to tel us.
    yes this art piece communicate without emotions. it makes us feel fear and sadness like someone or something is going to get you.

    this is the link to the photo by Bae Bien-u

  15. Magritte- Specchio Falso

    What i see in this portrait is an a very big eye looking at the sky and wondering.From my perspective this portrait is showing the mind of a person and how that person wonders about the world and what is out there to explore.
    The portrait of the eye covers up the entire portrait so to me i shows that the artist main reason for this art is to focus in on the sky painted in the persons eye. The colors of this portrait tells my that the person may be an African American. The proportion of this piece of art is very simple it shows that art does not need to be complicating to tell the audience the meaning behind the art.
    What I think is happening in this portrait is that the person is young and is looking at the sky because he/she is wondering how the world is and what new things will be learned. Also, I think that maybe this person could be looking up at the sky because he/she is wondering what is in space. The over all intention that i think the writer is trying to tell the audience is that the world is full of adventures and new things to explore.
    This work of art is truly a work of art because is has the quality of being art because it imitates what we see in real life and it communicates directly to our emotions because my first reactions to this portrait is that it shows alot of meaning even though it may not have alot going on in the portrait itself it mentally tells the audience a life story.

  16. Bruegel – Massacre of the Innocents

    step 1: The painting is in a landscape view and it is very large. The colors in the painting are not that bright.
    step 2: The painting take place in a village covered in snow. The sky is very dark in order to give a dark tone. The action or the massacre is not very parallel.
    step 3: The people who invaded the the village are raiding for something. The purpose of the art is to make you wonder why are they massacring the village. Are they looking for something or are they in conflict.
    Step 4: I think that they art succeeds because i like the colors and the message of the art. Yes the painting is trying it best to communicate with us. It does change are emotions bring us to the coldness like the snow.

  17. 1.
    In this small painting I see a beautiful clear blue sky, below there a two story building, which looks like a chain of barber shops. The top half was red and the bottom color of the wall is green. It all consists of 10 small windows with yellow shutters. Then there is a fire hydrant and a colorful lamp, and vanilla color street and sidewalk.
    2. All of the things on the slide show I consider art, because art can be anything from a white piece of paper to a Mona Lisa painting. Art maybe be simple, but contain more meaning than it looks, “more than meets the eye.”
    In this painting there are two guards that guards two painting that are very valuable. It’s saying that art from the past are valuable and people will try to steal them to benefit themselves.

  18. 4. The art of work does imitate the way we see the world, because mostly art comes from someone’s perspective of the world. Art communicate and speak directly to some people’s emotions, because not all human beings can understand what the painting is trying to convey.

  19. I like “The Great Wave” by Hokusai.

    Decription: I see boats and big waves. The sky is kinda redish/brownish. It was published in 1832(Edo Period).

    Analysis: The colors seems a bit gloomy in the sky. The water seems fierce and strong. The movement of the wave seems raged, threating stuffs around it.

    Interpretation: The wave is hitting and destroying that place. I think the artist is trying to say that the beauty of mother nature is sometimes dangerous and the outcome can be ugly.

    Judgement: I think the work succeeded because its amazing piece of art has gotten its own name and credit. It does imitates at times when we’re in trouble of mother nature, as an example to how a tsunami hitted Japan and other places. Yes, I think the art successfully organize the principles and elements of art through its meaning, on how you interpret. I think the work of art can communicate and speak directly to your emotions if you let them. The art can affect your emotions depending on what it is and how it affects you thats all.

  20. We believed these are arts because someone created and took the time to perfect their creations which would be the pencil sculptures. We did not see anything that did not look like art to us.

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