The Scientific Method


What’s Wrong With the Scientific Method?

Is the scientific method seriously flawed?

Please go to:


Then go to “My Evidence” and complete all three sections.

Using what you have learned from these interactives, and from what you have learned during the class discussion on the scientific method, please formulate at least one Knowledge Issue question. Write them on a piece of paper and in the comments section of this post.

If you are done early, take this Scientific Method quiz.

What Are Your Moral Principles?

Please visit the following four websites and answer the questions on each one. They each will provide an analysis of what your answers supposedly say about your moral principles. Take notes on a piece of paper about what they say and why, and if you agree with the and why or why not.

Philosophers’ Net Morality Game

Philosophy Games

Should You Kill The Fat Man?

Morals – Social Responsibility Questionnaire

Your Morals

Oral Presentation Outline

Please use this guide to prepare your Oral Presentation Outline:

This is not meant to be a “script” to be followed. It is a general outline, and can be presented in many different ways that we will discuss.
Length of Presentation:
Two people – twenty minutes (including 8 minutes of class discussion)
Three people – thirty minutes (including 12 minutes of class discussion)
Each person should present for the same period of time

INTRODUCTION (No more than two minutes)
What is your topic?
What is the real-life example that got you think about it?
What are the claims that people make about it and how are they justified?
What are the knowledge issues (the “obstacles” to knowledge; the “Ways Of Knowing”) involved in the claims?
What “Areas of Knowing” will you relate the obstacles to? (Linking Questions)

BODY (Six or seven minutes for each person in total – it doesn’t have to be all in one “chunk”)
What are the claims and how are they justified?
What are the knowledge issues involved, including counter-examples, cross-cultural examples, and personal examples? How is it claimed to be known and how trustworthy are those methods?
What are examples from different Areas of Knowledge? (Linking Questions)

CONCLUSION (One minute)
What did you investigate? What did you learn? What do you think/feel now about it?

Have “open-ended” questions for the class – What do they think? Why do they think it?