What Are Your Moral Principles?

Please visit the following four websites and answer the questions on each one. They each will provide an analysis of what your answers supposedly say about your moral principles. Take notes on a piece of paper about what they say and why, and if you agree with the and why or why not.

Philosophers’ Net Morality Game

Philosophy Games

Should You Kill The Fat Man?

Morals – Social Responsibility Questionnaire

Your Morals

38 thoughts on “What Are Your Moral Principles?

  1. it said that i dont really care about people,but in my heart i love caring for others. i dont agree with thm because they only know from the answer not from the person or see what the person do

  2. These quizzes are hard. you had to think about yourself or everybody else. you couldnt be selfish and that was really hard but at times I believe you have to be selfish and these test say Im in the between of having high moral responsibilities and low moral responsibilities.I have alot of moral compare to other people. One thing though is that if people who are doing these things are happy should we just not be happy for them? Both of the test also say that I dont think any action is morally wrong if it is private and to themselves.

  3. The first moral answers, says that I am more likely to choose my family over other people. It also said that I don’t have a high moral and that I am like an average person who sometimes minds their own business. Also it says that I am sometimes likely to help out and sometimes I am not.
    For the second moral answers, it says that my ““Moralizing Quotient” is an aggregate measure of your tendency to condemn the actions described in these scenarios as morally wrong.” It also says that I tend to judge everything a lot and really serious and I think that most things are inappropriate. Also it says that when I make a judgment about what is wrong or right, I usually compare it to the world.
    I do not agree with what they say because everyone has their own morals. Morals should not be rated or anything. It just people’s perspective of what they think about things in the world. What someone personally thinks should not be rated because it is what they feel and it is how they think. It should not be wrong think one way or the other.

  4. My result was 1.00, meaning that I tend to look at things in a negative way. Even if I can relate it to my culture I’ll still look at it in a bad way. :T I somewhat agree. I mean i do always look at the everything in a negative way. I just don’t want to get in trouble, I guess.

  5. Geographical distance minimally affects my moral thinking. I deeply take into consideration family ties into my moral thinking.I also seem to think that to think something is far inferior than to actually do something about it.Scale has an immense amount to do with what I end up choosing.

    I will take the results into consideration.

  6. Well I kinda agree with them because some of the cases mean taking the life of people to save many more but because I refuse to take the life of someone to save someone else. Because of that my score went down but I believe I have good morals and that I do not need a percentage to tell me that.

  7. On the first test i took i scored a 43% from the site: “your score of 41%.This suggests that you have utilised a noticeably wider range of moral principles than average in order to make judgements about the scenarios presented in this test, and that you have tended to judge aspects of the acts and circumstances depicted here to be morally relevant that other people consider to be morally irrelevant.”
    The 2nd test i got a 1.00. From the site: “A score of 1.00 indicates that you think that every act described in these scenarios is subject to societal interference. A score of 0.00 indicates that you think that these acts are essentially a private matter, and that societal interference is inappropriate.” I kinda agree with my results. I know I have good morals but I don’t tend to over do it. I care for what matters to me and what I think is right, I’m not an angel or GOD, it’s impossible to help EVERYONE! I stick to what matters and what I m capable of doing.

  8. On the morality quiz, I scored 41%. It states that I “utilized a noticeably wider range of moral principles”. I don’t really understand what this means

    On the Taboo quiz I scored:
    Your Moralizing Quotient is: 0.50.
    Your Interference Factor is: 0.00.
    Your Universalizing Factor is: 0.50.
    It says that I think morality comes from god. I don’t think this though. Maybe I answered something wrong.

    I think morality can not be scored because it depends on the the person and how they think about the situation. Especially on the incest question. If they don’t regret it then I don’t think it is wrong. It’s their problem, not mine.

  9. The first part of the questions had me thinking because it talked about killing one over another and it was kind of hard to choose beacause it makes you think of your life and yourself. The second part of questions were all werid and unlike human like. They said that the questions were unrealistic so why would they ask our opinon.I got 43% for the first one and 1 for the 2nd part of the survey(?).

  10. What influences my answer usually has to do with God or society today.I indicated that an act can be wrong even if it is entirely private and no one, not even the person doing the act, is harmed by it. I have many morals according to the taboo and morality test. What influences many answers is the “GROSS” factor.

  11. For the Morality Play Analysis, my Moral Parsimony Score is 51%. They say that Moral frameworks can be more or less parsimonious. That is to say, they can employ a wide range of principles, which vary in their application according to circumstances (less parsimonious) or they can employ a small range of principles which apply across a wide range of circumstances without modification (more parsimonious). I agree because I have morals based on varied situations and not all sitatuons would apply to me.

    For the Taboo results, I got 0.67. They say that It is not at all clear why I think that any of the actions depicted in these scenarios are morally problematic. I don’t think an action can be morally wrong if it is entirely private and no one, not even the person doing the act, is harmed by it. Yet the actions described in these scenarios are private like this and it was specified as clearly as possible that they didn’t involve harm. Possibly an argument could be made that the people undertaking these actions are harmed in some way by them. But you don’t think that an action can be morally wrong solely for the reason that it harms the person undertaking it. I disagree because just like I said before, they can’t give me certain situations and base my morals according to them.

  12. Morality Play Analysis: Score is 55%

    Morality Taboo:
    Your Moralising Quotient is: 0.58.
    Your Interference Factor is: 0.75.
    Your Universalising Factor is: 0.25.

    I don’t really understand if my score is good or bad so I can’t agree or disagree. It’s confusing to understand what their trying to say what my morality is. Because they it can be a good or bad thing.

  13. I got a 59% I agree in some cases but not in all. I help those that I can help, and I don’t like to be the one who gives the bad news. I definitely would not snitch out anyone in the family, I love those that are close to me, but if someone in another place needs my help than I will be there. And I agree with the part that I think that if you did a crime and haven’t confessed it to anyone you are still guilty and should be punished.

  14. Im the first quiz I took I got a 71% which meant i thought about others before I think about myself which I agree with cause I tend to do that. There are times when my life is the least important matter if I could save someone else in need. I couldn’t believe when I saw the results, I was suprised.
    I am a #2 for the assignment. What the falangies!!!!

  15. i belive the thing is kinda right because i belive the things the people are doing are wrong and very weird but if they are not harming anyone with their actions then their not doing omething completely wrong.

  16. the site said that there was no inconsistency in the way that you responded to the questions in this activity. You indicated that an act can be wrong even if it is entirely private and no one, not even the person doing the act, is harmed by it. There is nothing contradictory then in a claim that the actions depicted in these scenarios are morally problematic.

  17. So I, according to the test, think something is morally correct as long as it does not harm anyone, is private, and does not harm the one who takes the action itself.


  18. It told me that I think more critically and that I think everything is relevant then irrelevant. I can think on a wider range basis for 57%. My answers are from what I think and are not influenced by anything.

    My taboo was 1.00 which I think most of those questions were all wrongdoings. I think more universally and that every act to me was wrong. I’m more negative.

  19. Taboo:It says that I look at things in a bad way even when I can relate to my own personal life.I don’t really agree to this becasue I don’t put things in a bad way and i don’t don’t relate it to my own life.
    Moral Principles:That I tend to judge things by its circumstances.I agree to this because sometimes I do judge things by its circumstances if it is bad or not and if I need it or not.

  20. The Net Morality Test says that I am more likely to help the people that I know or are close to me rather than people far away. I agree because in certain scenarios this would be true.

  21. On one of the morality test I got the percentage of 68% which I’m not quite sure what it means. The words that they use to describe it and explain it are very complex and my brain hasn’t expanded to that point yet. The other one said I was like .58 which I have no idea what that means but oh well. Either way I don’t think these test can judge what your morals are because when the situation is presented to us in the present we tend to react different. For example if someone asked you if you would give a homeless some money you can reply and say yes but when a homeless comes up to you and ask for money you might say no because selfishness may overcome you. So what you put on paper and say you would do now might not be what you would do when you are presented with the situation (as I said earlier). So all I have to say about these test are that they don’t gather the truth.

  22. Moral Parsimony Score is 45%

    Taboo score
    Moralising Quotient is: 0.88.
    Interference Factor is: 0.50.
    Universalising Factor is: 0.75.

    I don’t totally agree with my result because it depends if I am really in those situation or not. Since I’m not in those kind of situation, yet, i think and feel differently.
    For example: In one of the question, it says that I have to choose either my child or other children. The reason for my choice of only saving my child is because it is my child that it might be my only child in my life. But then again, I rather save the other children. Seems like saving my own, is selfish. It’s better if I was in that kind of situation to be able to figure it out.

  23. On the first test my parsimony score was 55%. It say that I am likely to choose my family than other people. It also said that I am a person that will likely to help others even at the cause of just losing one person. I feel that what they say is not really true because in the question they ask the answer may vary depending on the people in the situation.

    In the second test i scored

    Your Moralising Quotient is: 0.42.

    Your Interference Factor is: 0.00.

    Your Universalising Factor is: 0.67
    They say that I am a person that thinks that a action can’t be morally wrong. I feel that this is true about me because everyone have a choice of what they choose to do. Moral being scored can only come from the person himself/herrself not by a test or by someone else.

  24. Each questionare judged fairly correct but this is a computer so they don’t know how to judge real life. I’m happy with my morals because they’re my morals,believes and how I feel so no computer can change that. Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me 😉

  25. The first quiz i scored 69%
    The second scores were
    Your Moralising Quotient is: 1.08.

    Your Interference Factor is: 0.75.

    Your Universalising Factor is: 1.00.

    my views on this are you can’t put a score on these things because there are certain situations me for one i think that it’s their life it’s not my problem I’ll keep it to myself because they will have to live with it for the rest of their lives. i don’t think the quizzes are true because they don’t know me i know right from wrong there are just times where it doesn’t matter.

  26. This was the results I got for the taboo test.


    Your Moralising Quotient is: 0.71.

    Your Interference Factor is: 0.50.

    Your Universalising Factor is: 0.50.

    What do these results mean?

    Are you thinking straight about morality?

    There was no inconsistency in the way that you responded to the questions in this activity. You indicated that an act can be wrong even if it is entirely private and no one, not even the person doing the act, is harmed by it. There is nothing contradictory then in a claim that the actions depicted in these scenarios are morally problematic.

  27. The first quiz I took said that I have 55%, I guess I am morally challenged? But the last quiz I took I had 88% which pretty good. Now I feel like I do have morals and what not, because I would never want for someone..or anyone. But I ran into a question that had asked whether I would pick my own child or save 10 other children…now honestly I’d pick my own. Because I’m pretty sure that other parents would pick their own child. As a mother I wouldn’t not want to go through 9 months and beyond of taking care of someone so deeply. If that makes any sense….

  28. The result from the quiz was that I tend to care more for people that are closer around me, and that I care more for my family or relatives. On the first quiz my score was a 43%. Well I don’t agree with the results, because what my actions will be depends on the severity of the situation. For example, one of the question asked about if you would save your child or ten other child? It depends on how severe my child is, if they can’t make it or already passed on, then the right thing to do is save those that still have a chance to live.

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