Revised TOK Class Schedule


  • Knowledge Questions
  • Math p. 312-340 (homework due 12/5)
  • The Arts p.441- 469 (homework due 12/12)
  • History p. 417-439 (homework due  12/19)


  • Ethics p. 470-509 (homework due 1/9)
  • Natural Sciences p. 341-373 (homework due 1/16)
  • Human Sciences p. 374- 416 (homework due 1/23)
  • Religious Knowledge Systems p. 510- 538 (homework due 1/30)


  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems – Cultural perspectives p. 539-568 (no required homework, but extra credit if completed by 2/6)
  • TOK Presentation Planning – Decide on topic by February 13th. Assuming we can get access to the computer lab or laptops, you will have four class periods each week to work on it for four weeks. Your written draft plan will be due on March 1st.


  • Prepare Presentation in March
  • You will make your presentation in late March. Presentations will be video-recorded


  • First three weeks of April are kept available in case we are running behind. If not, we’ll do some special projects prior to starting the essay.
  • Begin work on TOK Essay in late April


  • Work on Essay
  • Essay due on June 3rd
  • Final group project due on day of the Final


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