TOK Final Projects

Here are the two final projects by IB Theory of Knowledge classes due at the end of the school year:


Instagram Videos

Students must create three short (45-to-one minute each) videos (or one longer one) communicating the meaning of three important TOK concepts.

You can see examples here.

I think Instagram is the easiest tool to use, especially since they have now extended the length of videos to one-minute. However, they are welcome to use other tools.

Students can work alone or with one other classmate.

We will begin work on the videos on Monday, May 21st.  Because of the San Francisco field trip, the videos won’t be due until 8:00 AM on Tuesday, May 29th.


Explain Like I’m Five

Students – on their own or with one other classmate – prepare and teach a four-to-five minute lesson on one or more TOK concepts.

The key, though, is that they have to pretend that they are teaching to five-year-olds.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” is often attributed incorrectly to Albert Einstein, though he did say something similar.

That notion has a lot in common with The Feynman Technique.

First, students read, annotate and discuss a chapter from one of my books (Here’s My Chapter On Elements Of A Successful Lesson, Along With Student Hand-Outs THEY Use To Teach).

Then, we watch Explain Like I’m Five videos.

Then students use the planning form that accompanies my chapter on elements of a successful lesson to plan the lesson (that form is actually used by them for longer lessons during the year, but they adapt it for this one).

Then, they teach it to the class.

We will begin work on the lesson on Wednesday,  May 30th.   The lessons will be taught on June 7th and 8th.



You can receive extra credit for your Final by creating an infographic explaining the Theory of Knowledge class. You can see an example here. You can use any tool you want, including pen and paper. Free online tools include VismePiktochartVenngageInfogram or Easelly.

You will have the entire two-hour “Final” time to create this infographic, or you may begin working on it earlier.

Before you create your infographic online and leave the link to it in the comments section of this post:

First, review The Ultimate Infographic Design Guide: 13 Tricks For Better Designs and Infographics For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide.

Then, design a rough draft on paper.

Lastly, go to one of the sites and create your infographic.

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