Revised Oral Presentation Outline



Introduce Yourselves & Your Topic

Why You picked your topic

List your knowledge issues (have them be “broad” and not “narrow”)


Take each Knowledge issue one at a time

For each one, share the real life example that got you thinking about it.

List various contrasting claims and how they connect to knowledge issue.

Identify linking question to Area of Knowledge & connect to Knowledge issue.


What do you think, and relate it to a knowledge issue.


Use images and text on slides. Do not have too much text on any one slide.

Do not just repeat the text on your slides.

Use slides to “show” concepts, explanations and not just to “tell” them.

Make sure the images help in the understanding of the knowledge issue, and are not just there to look pretty.

Don’t look at slides and read off them, have notes or copy in front of you.

Show contrasting claims on one slide.

Be sure to practice with your partner (s) at least three times prior to making your presentation. Make sure that one of those times is very shortly prior to your presentation.

Please dress nicely the day of your presentation.

Remember basic presentation skills – posture, projecting voice, no gum-chewing

Give me your outline form and expanded outline prior to giving your presentation

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