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  1. Duke-Washington Uluakifua Finau
    Mr. Ferlazzo
    The Best Experience I’ve Had in Class
    I have had many great experiences in class throughout all my years, but I believe the best experience I’ve had in class was in middle school. It was around the year 2014, in John Still Middle School. I was in the 7th grade, and there was a field trip to San Francisco and all my friends were going there. Despite all of my attempts to ask my mother, I wasn’t able to go. The day of the field trip came, and everybody except me left. So, there I was; in class alone with my science teacher, Mrs. Ashat.
    I had thought that Mrs. Ashat would bury me under a ton of work as usual, but instead she gave me a laptop. I was confused and so I asked her for the purpose for the laptop, “Whatever you want,” she replied.
    I spent literally all day doing whatever I wanted in that classroom. I had enough time to play games, to eat, and to even sleep in there. From that day, I felt less regretful not going to that field trip because my friends described that trip as “hella boring”. So, I had the most fun inside that classroom than they did on that field trip. And that conclude my best experience I’ve had in class.

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