Class Schedule: 2017-18

Theory Of Knowledge Schedule 2017-18

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* The homework schedule can be found on the next page.  You are expected to read each chapter and complete the same assignment for each one (see homework example sheet) by the due date.  Homework is always due on a Monday.

This homework should be completed by the beginning of the second semester.  At that time, we’ll focus on our two major projects – a group Oral Presentation and an Essay.  Those two projects will make-up ninety-percent of your second semester grade.

* Group (Two people) or Individual TOK Presentation – It will be videotaped. Substantial time in class will be provided to prepare, but outside time will also be needed.  Your grade on this group presentation will be one of the two primary components of your official grade from IB.  You may make presentations on two different topics .  The one with the higher grade will count.

* TOK Essay – At least one essay where substantial time in class will be provided (assuming we can get access to computer lab), but outside time will also be needed.

* If you are an IB Diploma candidate or are seeking an IB TOK Certificate, you will also have to write a TOK essay in the fall of 2018 during your senior year that will be submitted to IB and will comprise the second component of your official IB grade (the Group Presentation will be the other portion).


Class work:

* You will keep a well-organized folder divided by WOK & AOK.  The syllabus, warm-ups, returned homework, and some hand-outs should be kept there.  It will be checked monthly by Mr. Ferlazzo.

* You’ll be getting packets for each Way of Knowing and each Area of Knowledge we study.  They will stay in the room and be shared among classes.  Please don’t write in them.

* There will be some assignments each week related to the packet and, with few exceptions, there will be plenty of time in class to do them, including warm-ups.   You’ll keep what you’ve written until each Friday, when I’ll collect them.  If you are not here one day, check with a classmate to see what you missed so you can catch-up.  You’ll staple them in chronological order – so, each day, when you start with your warm-up, you’ll write the day of the week and date.  You don’t have to use separate sheets for each day – just start the next day where the last day left off.

* We’ll try it out and if it doesn’t work well, we’ll change it


This schedule is subject to change in consultation with the class.  The order of the assignments will not change.  There will be some days when you need to bring your book to class.  If you keep it in class, however, Mr. Ferlazzo is not responsible for it.


  • Introduction to TOK
  • The Problem and Nature Of Knowledge, p. 3-39 — two chapters (homework due 9/18)
  • Allegory of the Cave
  • Personal and Shared Knowledge, p. 40-76 (homework due 9/25)


  • Sense Perception p. 115 -139 (homework due 10/2)
  • Language p. 77-114 (homework due 10/9)
  • Reason and Logic 140-170 (homework due 10/16)
  • Emotions p. 171-196 (homework due 10/23)
  • Imagination, Faith, Intuition & Memory p. 197-311 class will be divided into four groups, with students in each group taking responsibility to read, do homework and present on ONE chapter (homework due 10/30) EXTRA CREDIT IF YOU DO HOMEWORK FOR MORE THAN YOUR ASSIGNED CHAPTER


  • Knowledge Questions
  • Math p. 312-340 (homework due 11/6)
  • The Arts p.441- 469 (homework due 11/13)
  • History p. 417-439 (homework due  11/27)


  • Ethics p. 470-509 (homework due 12/11)
  • Natural Sciences p. 341-373 (homework due December 12/18)


  • Human Sciences p. 374- 416 (homework due 1/15)
  • Religious Knowledge Systems p. 510- 538 (homework due 1/22)
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems – Cultural perspectives p. 539-568 (no required homework, but extra credit if completed by 1/29)


  • TOK Presentation Planning – Decide on topic by February 9th. Assuming we can get access to the computer lab or laptops, you will have four class periods each week to work on it for four weeks. Your written draft plan will be due on February 23rd.


  • Prepare Presentation in March
  • You will make your presentation in late March. Presentations will be video-recorded


  • First three weeks of April are kept available in case we are running behind. If not, we’ll do some special projects prior to starting the essay.
  • Begin work on TOK Essay in late April


  • Work on Essay
  • Essay due on June 4th
  • Final group project due on day of the Final





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