Fallacy Videos

I’ll be adding more fallacy commercials as I have time:

Fallacy Video – Tape


Video: Basic Repellent

Video: Pencil

Video: Mechanical Pencil


•Shot of the bottle, pan around
•1st Fallacy: Kanye drinks it (appeal to authority)
•Close up of the bottle
•2nd Fallacy: You need it to live (Ad bacculam
•3rd Fallacy: Buy it, it is the trend (appeal to common practice)
•4th Fallacy: Either you love it or you’re wrong (False dilemma)
•Person drinks the water and thumbs up
•Bottle flips with background music.

-End of Commercial-


Video: Smelling Musty


Video: Studying


Example One

Example Two

Faith, Imagination & Memory Project

Create a slideshow demonstrating three specific ways each of the following Ways Of Knowing can assist in our search for knowledge and three specific ways each of them can hinder (hurt) it. Begin by first defining what each Way Of Knowing means:

Faith As A Way Of Knowing

Memory As A Way Of Knowing

Imagination As A Way Of Knowing

Upload your slideshow to Authorstream or email it to mrferlazzo at aol dot com.

Prepare index cards for your presentation. This is practice for the official Oral Presentation next semester.