Oral Presentation Schedule

The Oral Presentation Schedule will be similar in 2015. We’ll start on February 23rd, with the guinea pig group presenting during the week of March 23rd and everyone else will present the week of April 6th and the following week.

Here is our Oral Presentation Planning Schedule:

Week of February 4th:

Introduction to Oral Presentation

Read Oral Presentation Guide and discuss.

Read this guide and discuss.

Read these this guide and this guide and discuss.

Read this guide and discuss:

Giving a Good TOK Presentation by Michael Smith

Review Revised Oral Presentation Outline

Review Oral Presentation Outline Model.

Review this Oral Presentation PowerPoint (found online by a student)

Watch an oral presentation and one from last year’s class:

Here’s a link that won’t be blocked by YouTube Safety Mode: TOK Presentation

Watch Presentation On Preparing For The TOK Oral Presentation.

Decide on partners and general topic.

Week of February 11th:

Identify Knowledge Issues (Problems of Knowledge) and begin developing draft outline

Go to TOK Guide starting at page 34

Review What Is A Knowledge Issue?

Review Excellent Examples Of Knowledge Issues For Oral Presentation

Review Excellent Models Of Student TOK Oral Presentation Outlines

Review Nobody Wants To Hear Your Academic Gobbledygook

Learn about telling stories at the second half of The Best Digital (& Non-Digital) Storytelling Resources.

Week Of February 18th:

Complete draft outline & begin learning about, and preparing, PowerPoint

Only after draft outline is submitted, begin reviewing Student Models Of PowerPoints For Oral Presentations

Review The Best Sources Of Advice For Making Good Presentations

Review Final Hints For Oral Presentation & PowerPoint and Oral Presentations Update.

Draft outlines returned with comments.

Decision made on “guinea pig” groups to present the following week.

Week of February 26th

Guinea pig groups present and are publicly critiqued. Rest of class has remainder of week to finalize their presentations. Names picked out of hat to determine presentation schedule.

Week of March 4th


Week of March 11th

Finish presentations and prepare for second ones.

Weeks of March 18th & 25th

Second Presentations

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