Instructions For Day When Mr. Ferlazzo Is Not Here

TOK Blog Instructions

IMPORTANT CHANGE: Go to this post on Knowledge issues and follow the instructions.

2) First, click on “perception” under categories and do the homework if you haven’t done so already.

3) Look through the following sections on the blog’s sidebar. Write down between five and ten things you find interesting, and explain why you think it’s interesting. Please write them down on a piece of paper:

“What is TOK?”







Anything else that looks interesting

Old blog posts

2 thoughts on “Instructions For Day When Mr. Ferlazzo Is Not Here

  1. People believe that John Darwin the canoe man who paddle with his red kayak to the North sea in 2002 died. Many people of course think that when they don’t see you anymore than either you die by murder or old age. I think that people are gullible because it is in human nature to believe other people easily.

  2. In my opinion I think that magic tricks are consider to be fake photos because the magician used tricks to entertain people only. Many people know that tricks are consider fake photos but it is something that they’re interested in.

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