One thought on “Resources For May, 2013 TOK Essay Prompts

  1. Image #2 of “Monsters, kittens, and aliens: the greatest hoaxes that fooled the world”- In this picture, a girl is in a garden with four fairies dancing in front of her. This photo was taken in 1917, and it fooled the world for 53 years. Finally, in 1970, the girl in the picture admitted that it was only a hoax. This simple picture shows how gullible people can be. A reason why people believed this is because the human minds of the 1900s were not as sceptical as the minds nowadays. And 1917 is approximately the time where technology began to bloom, so if the people were convinced that a flash of light can capture a moment in time, then they were ready to believe that fairies exist.

    Image #5 of “A Brief History of Photo Fakery”- There are actually two pictures. The one on the left has four men, but on the right side, one man had been cropped out. Stalin, the tyrannical dictator, was known to remove the images of his enemies, and this man had been a threat to him. I think people believed this because the government forced them to believe it. Even if people have seen the original, Stalin was so powerful and cruel, no one wanted to speak out against the picture. Or it could be because the technology was not as advanced, and cropping out someone was an extraordinary feat to accomplish, so people believed it.

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