TOK Essay

First, please go to the sidebar of this blog under “Essay Links” and visit as many websites there as you can. Make a list of the six most important things you feel you’ve learned from them, and at least three questions you have (more are preferable).

Second, here are two potential outlines for you to use to prepare your essay. Please pick the one that looks the best and print it out (you may also print out both if you would like).



You must use one of these forms to guide the outline to both your practice essay and your final essay. You do not necessarily have to actually fill out the form, but you must use it as a guide. Your practice essay outline will be due two weeks from the day we complete the introduction to the essay unit.

Third, look at this Planning Sheet and, if you decide it can be helpful, please print it out.

Fourth, look at these two TOK essays written by former students. Write down five things you notice about each.

Essay 1

Essay 2

Four, review these older Essay topics and choose one for your practice essay:


2009 – 10


Fifth, pick the title you will write for your final essay from this list.

Sixth, go to this TOK blog and download and print-out Six steps to a ToK essay 2.

Seventh, review this preparation sheet. Write down what you think are the five most important points and why you think they’re important.

One thought on “TOK Essay

  1. Here is a summary of what you’ll find in step one.
    Your WELCOME.

    6 Most Important Things
    1. Know your topic, dissect it and UNDERSTAND it.
    2. Relate the title to different knowledge Issues.
    3. Choose a topic you have some prior knowledge on.
    4. Make sure to include ways of knowing as well.
    5. Use real life examples.
    6. If you have time, pick a topic and mull it over. Look around you and take in what you experience in every day life that may be useful to utilize it in your essay.

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