Oral Presentation Outline Model

Here is a model for what your Oral Presentation should look like. Note that, though I list three Knowledge Issues in the introduction, for the purpose of this model example I only use one of them in the body of the presentation.  Feel free to have different opinions on my topic — I’m just using this to show that in your presentation YOU must demonstrate your opinions on your topic.

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Introduce Yourselves & Your Topic

My name is Mr. Ferlazzo, and the topic of our presentation is “war on terrorism.”

Why You picked your topic

I picked my topic because everyday for over six years I have read and seen images of people dying in Iraq.

List your knowledge issues (Make sure your knowledge issues are “big picture.”)

How is language used in war to encourage hatred of another country or guerrilla group?

How can reason be used by combatant groups in country to rationalize destructive acts of war?

How are emotions manipulated by wartime leaders to encourage nationalism or fanaticism?


Take each Knowledge issue one at a time

How is language used in war to encourage hatred of another country or guerrilla group?

For each one, share the real life example that got you thinking about it.

In reading about the controversy behind wanting to build a mosque near Ground Zero in New York, I was struck by the hateful language used against Islam by some people.

List various claims and how they connect to knowledge issue.

When President George Bush began the war on terrorism, he was very careful to point out that it was not a war on Islam – he was focusing on a small percentage of Muslims.  For example,………………  On the other hand, al Qaeda was very clear in their language to try to portray it as a war on all of Islam.  For example, …………..

Things changed, however, with the Ground Zero Mosque controversy.  There, the language used by opponents was much more clearly directed against the Islam religion.  For example……..   However, they denied it.  For example……… Others said the opponents language played right into the hands of the Islamic extremists.  For example………  al Qaeda said………

Identify linking question to Area of Knowledge & connect to Knowledge issue.

Historically, how has language been used to encourage hatred? Using language like this is no stranger to wartime.  For example, in Roman times………… In modern times, in World War I and World War II……

Research has been done on which language can be most effective in generating strong support for a particular cause.  For example………

Religious language has played a role in the use of language in wars as well.  For example……


What do you think, and relate it to a knowledge issue.

I believe that language can often be used to manipulate the truth in times of wartime.  In the war on terrorism, I believe that  many proponents have inappropriately turned the war on terrorism into a war on Islam, and played into the hands of Islamic terrorists because…… Researchers have found the best way to combat this kind of effort is to do…………………………………………

Also, review this advice for oral presentations.

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