One thought on “Responding To Ms. Mercer’s Post

  1. 1. Did the romance in Titanic add “realism” (a real feeling) even though it wasn’t real?
    Yes it did add a real feeling to Titanic. I mean the romance was not true but i believe that the director created the romance to carry on the movie; to make the movie more interesting. At first, I thought that the romance was real but later i found out it wasn’t. 🙁
    I thought the romance did a great job of carrying out the movie.
    2. Can history say someone is “bad” like Hitler, and someone is “good” like Gandhi, and be accurate? What opinions do you already have about history?
    History cannot say that someone is bad. The one who write the history shows what exactly that person did towards others. Then it’ll be your opinion whether they are bad or not. It also depend on who views it. Some people may think that Hitler was a great hero and some will think he is a evil man. I believe that history is written to tell us to not make the mistakes again and to learn why or how that event happened.
    3. Do you find the Mr. Ferlazzo an effective teacher? Why or why not?
    Yes, Mr Ferlazzo is an effective teacher. He’s good at explaining things when the class does not understand it. I like how he splits the class into groups so that we can share what we have written. 🙂
    4. When I got home, I had to work with my son on a 5 paragraph essay as his end of unit assessment. Do you feel the poster was an effect and accurate end of unit assessment?
    Our poster is accurate. It shows the three points of the topic, which i believe is a very helpful. It helps everyone in the class understand their classmates’ perspective.
    5. What things did I leave out or overlook in my report on the lesson?
    You did not leave anything out. I think you did a pretty good job at viewing this class. 🙂

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