Nobody Wants To Hear Your Academic Gobbledygook

Written on February 24, 2012 – 1:46 pm | by Larry Ferlazzo

Reminders about your oral presentation:

* Reduce amount of “academic gobbledygook.”

* If you use a quote, immediately follow it with putting it in your own words.

* Every real-life example, claim, counter claim, and discussion of linking questions MUST have a story/example connected to it. See the second half of The Best Digital Storytelling Resources to learn about how to tell stories and their importance. Your stories should be a mix of personal ones and ones you’ve learned from texts, movies, history, etc. IMPORTANT: When you tell the stories, be sure to connect them back to the knowledge issue!

* Don’t only expand on TOK textbook ideas and concepts — also provide explicit connections to what you have learned from textbook and class.

* Minimize sharing your opinion until the conclusion.

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